Helping Your Business Grow, One Call at a Time!

When your business depends on calls being answered and your customers being taken care of, you can not afford to miss any of those calls. All Calls Matter is here to service all of your customer calls and scheduling.


We provide choices for you and your business with our state-of-the-art answering service. Each service can be customized to fit your business in the best possible way.


HVAC, Lawyers, Plumbers, Healthcare, and more. No matter what industry your business is in, we take care of answering your calls in a friendly, professional manner.


Don’t think you can afford a professional answering service? Let us show you how we can save you more money and have more ROI on your bottom line!

Services Offered

You won’t believe the immediate results from switching to a real answering service can make.

Live Telephone Answering Service

When you rely on an automated phone call answering service, it frustrates those on the other end of the line. A better approach remains to choose live call answering service to engage and assist clients.

Appointment Scheduling

Hiring your virtual assistant from our team means accurate appointment scheduling for simplified scheduling needs. Choosing our virtual receptionist staff allows you to enjoy the same benefits as if they were in your office today.

Text Answering Services

These days, it feels like you can’t even find the time to return a short text message. As your best live answering service Buffalo businesses trust, we can screen and return text responses as well.

Live Transfer Services

Studies show that using a live answering service leads to better customer interactions. And as any relationship expert can tell you, better communication keeps others around for longer.
Live transferring your calls can help secure better, quality clients. Save more time and frustration by choosing us for your messaging needs.

Live Operators Answering Calls

When your business answering service adds the personal touch, it outperforms any other call system you could buy. As your trustworthy live operators, we take care of every caller we interact with every day.
Before you choose another virtual answering service, we can help keep your callers on the line.

Message Relay Services

As your specialty answering service, we keep you and your staff in the know. From urgent details sent right away, to notes for the opening crew, we can pass them all along efficiently.
We understand which information you and employees need right away, and what can wait for the morning.

The Numbers Say it All!

From increasing your office’s productivity to developing deeper bonds with your customers, we can help you wherever you need us. And we don’t just offer convenience, but continue reading to see the benefits of hiring All Calls Matter live operators.

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80% of callers will hang up when robotic voice answers a call.
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75% of business communications is done over the phone.
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71% Of customers will end their business relationship with a company due to poor phone communications
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Take Your Business to the Next Level

All Calls Matter helps your company to expand by taking one of the most stressful pieces of running a company, and taking care of it for you!

Forget the boring robotic voice!

All Calls Matter take personalized answering service to the next level. Our secret? It is our people! Our staff are highly trained to answer every call as you would, giving your customers the attention that they need!

Call Center that works for you!

Our call center is exactly what you need in your business. We are like having a receptionist and an appointment setter, all rolled into one, only cheaper! Stop wasting your time on chasing return calls. You have a business to run. Let us handle your calls and your scheduling.

Give us your details & we will handle the rest!

We make it simple to come onboard with us. You give us a few details, and we do the rest. There is no lengthy application or a ridiculous process. We help you get up and running quickly and painlessly!

Why Choose Answering Services?

Many business owners focus on setting up a call center to play the numbers’ game, but that fails to impress. The reason why proves that as society becomes more digitized, your customers need human interactions to feel like they matter.

Research shows that even though the Internet stays within reach, at least 75% of all business communication occurs via phones. And as about 80% of callers quickly hang up after hearing a robot voice, you can’t afford to use them.

It isn’t just customer service that suffers, however, as repeated interactions with typical automated services soon lead to customers quitting. As many as 71% of clients choose to end their business relationships with companies that fail to provide quality communication.

When you can’t allow your phone messages to send your consumers packing, we provide the tools you need for success. See why we remain the trusted “answering services near me” and experience the best interactions possible for your customers today.
  • “For years, I struggled with missing customers calls. I would be putting in extra hours every day just trying to return calls and schedule appointments. Since All Calls Matter took over as my answering service, my business has seen growth that it has not seen in years. These guys saved my business and my sanity!”

    Chuck B

    CEO, Tree Service Company
  • “Most people think of the electronic voice on the other end of a call when they here ‘answering service’. But with All Calls Matter, they could not be more wrong! There is a friendly voice answering my company’s calls every time. I have had several clients compliment me on how friendly my staff is. ACM makes me look good!

    Diana D

    Party & Wedding Planner
  • “Sending my calls to All Calls Matter has proven to be one of the absolute best decisions I could ever make for my business. Outsourcing my reception desk to ACM has freed me to be able to focus on what I do best – helping my clients feel better. Thank you ACM!

    Jessica B

    Senior Designer
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