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At first, it may seem too good to be true that our live operators can help boost your company’s growth. However, once more business owners learn more about our agents, they see the benefits we add to any brand.
From increasing your office’s productivity to developing deeper bonds with your customers, we can help you wherever you need us. And we don’t just offer convenience, but continue reading to see the benefits of hiring All Calls Matter live operators.

80% of Callers Hang Up on Robots

The choppy diction, fake voice tones, and crackling background noise immediately send a call to the blocked phone number list. When you factor in how many spam calls the average person receives, they won’t distinguish between scams and your messages.

Unfortunately, when it’s an important notice about payments, prescriptions, or scheduled service visits, it only creates more confusion for everyone. Having our live phone operators delivering their vital messages, on the other hand, only adds a personal and professional touch.

75% of Business Gets Conducted Via Phone Calls

Today, you can reach customers through Facebook, email, text messages, and many more non-verbal methods, but phone calls still matter. When the overwhelming majority of business interactions occur over a phone call, you can’t afford poor-quality agents and client interactions.

By choosing an off-site live operator fielding your calls and taking messages, it means staying available for customers 24-hours daily. And when you can’t find anyone on staff to take over during the holidays, we’re still here for your needs.

71% of Customers Walk Away After Bad Phone Interactions

Today’s consumers remain better informed and have more resources at their disposal, making them more challenging to satisfy during errors. And when your staff member makes a bad situation even worse, it only leads to lost business in the end.

Imagine one person managing your incoming calls and sending 71% of your current customers to one of your competitors today. Chances are, no one could survive such a departure, and we do our part to retain more of your clients.
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